Spiritual Psychic Development and The Path of Inner transformation meets Wednesday and thursday at 7pm, Online Message Service are on Fridays at 6pm and sunday online gathering service - sundays at 3:30pm

hello everyone!             

Hello Everyone!
The "Spiritual Psychic Development and The Path of Inner Transformation"
meet Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7pm-9pm.   For this virtual class, spaces are limited.  To register, email me at  The tuition of 20 dollars is due the Monday before Wednesdays' class.  Make payment here:

 This class is an in-depth study of psychic reading, healing and developing further your clairvoyant abilities. Through deep meditation you will connect to your Spirit Guides, Angels & Master Teachers. Open your psychic energy centers & balance your Chakras.

 In this class, Rev. Daniel Neusom  opens his channel to The Holy Spirit Of God and The Arc Angelic Realms to channel a path of healing and transformation for the group and the individual participants. We use prayer and meditation to facilitate deep clearing and transformation.


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25 Dec

Christmas Day Service Gathering 12/25/22

 11:00 AM

Special time 11:00 AM -1:00 PM


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