Spiritual Psychic Development and The Path of Inner transformation meets Wednesday and thursday at 7pm, Online Message Service are on Fridays at 6pm and sunday online gathering service - sundays at 3:30pm

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"Reiki" Rhonda Williams is offering a powerful healing/transformational forum for women to assist in inner transformation and healing on all levels! She will be guided by The Holy Spirit of God and Archangel Raphael in reaching you where you are and assisting you in your process.
This workshop is limited to 10 participants so please reserve your space ASAP. The donation is $25.00 and you may pay through PayPal by clicking here
or mailing your check or money order to The Sacred Light Fellowship 340 Haven Ave.#5G NY,NY 10033.
To reserve your space please email Rev. Daniel Neusom at Payment is due by  Monday  January 16, 2023.

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Reviews from "Messages from Mother Mary"

Thanks to you and Charlotte Hunter.  That was a beautiful and amazing experience!  I believe Charlotte said each answer was for everyone, and I felt that so much, and felt so blessed to be in this group of powerful, beautiful, open women.  Thank  you both, Charlotte is a wonderful and very powerful channel for Mother Mary. I felt Her throughout. This was  and is such a rich, deep experience for me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Please pass along to Charlotte.

Much love!

Narani O' Shaughnessy 

The very emotional clearing and cleansing of unknown blockages; spoken and   unspoken that I received during this workshop was totally transformational for me

 and all who attended. This powerful session still has lingering healing effects

                                                                                                                   designed to empower and inspire in every way and on every level.

                                                 I will always be grateful for this experience and look forward to future workshops with Charlotte as Mother Mary.

                                                                                                                   Rhonda Williams


Dear Leslie and Daniel:

Just wanted to express my total satisfaction with this captivating workshop series.  It was both well researched and well presented.  What an awakening!  In my view, it is a not-to-be-missed exploration for any one on the spiritual path regardless of gender but most certainly women.  There is a healing that is achieved from this learning.  The material is a revelation!  This workshop is an investment in self-love, self-expansion and liberation.   Indeed, it is the rising of the Kundalini seeking its release from the iron bars of suppression.  The truth does eventually come out and yes, it does set you free.  Alleluia!
I am very grateful for this gift. Thank you to you both for this blessing. Keep up the good work.


Here is a message Rhonda Williams who has attended the first six workshops:
As as Reiki practitioner for the last 7 years I have some knowledge of the Chakras; however
I am very impressed with Leslie's information on the subject.
It is an intimate workshop where we are all able to share our life experiences as we grow with 
each session. We are able to explore the effect that the Chakras have on our body, mind 
and spirit; past, present and beyond.
Leslie's spin on her passion for this work also includes introducing different essential oils, their
properties and usage associated with healing and transformation of each Chakra. Amazing! 
I am so grateful to be able to share this rare opportunity with my SLF family!
I highly recommend this workshop!

-Reiki Rhonda

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