Transformational Experiences

Quote of the Week:

"i am not a victim of the world i see",- a course in miracles

Hello Beloveds,

Sacred Light Fellowship members eagerly invite you to share your transformational experiences.

Let us know what words from any Sermon, Meditation or Message, that inspired you to new heights, supported you in a time of need, or lifted you to the next level healing.   Share with us what was transformed and how you have grown.

We would like to begin a once month transformational Sunday commencing the last Sunay of July 2022.

Please submit your written testimonies to Neil Andrews Sacred Light Testimonies  Let us know if you want to share during the service.

Much Love and Deservingness,

Rev. Daniel 

Video testimonials


written testimonY

Rev Daniel is a true channel of God
He brings in messages from the purest light and will always answer your personal question as well as concerns of the collective in the deepest most accurate way and more than needed comes through.

Thank you dear Reverend for all your love and for consistently showing up every week with Spirit's beautiful messages.

-Gracie M

I’m writing a few words on how I have been healed and also inspired. Well I will start by mentioning I have many favorite Sermons, meditations and messages. But three words that stand out for me are “Heaven On Earth” . I am going to live it with all of my being. And to my surprise I have been reading and studying the book A Course In Miracles thank you Rev. Daniel. I also want to thank everyone in The Sacred Light Fellowship Church for their friendship and love.
Much love Peace,
Sis Brunilda Marrero