Quote of the Week:

"i am not a victim of the world i see",- a course in miracles

  our next Message service will be held on Friday, March 24th.

Hello everyone!

Be healed, be healthy, be joyous, be fulfilled!

Join Rev. Daniel Neusom, every Friday evening at 6pm for The All-Message Service and Transformational Meditation Via Zoom!

In this offering Rev. Daniel begins with a healing and transformational meditation and continues opening himself in service to you by channeling answers to any questions or concerns you may have.


 You may email your questions to following link:  


 Your offering of $5. 00 per question should be emailed to following Paypal account: 


All questions and offering must be received no later than 4pm the Friday of the service.

See you there!!!



our next sunday service is March 26th.

Each Sunday we come together to connect with and bring forth The Light of God that all of us have within and use this Light to heal and transform ourselves and the world around us

As we access The Light through meditation and prayer, we use it to transform the consciousness, energy and patterning within that creates pain, suffering, struggle and lack.

We welcome people from all backgrounds, ethnic and racial groups, and sexual and gender orientations to join us in this transformational service.

Sundays 3:30 pm – 4:30 via zoom

We greatly appreciate and accept all offerings of gratitude for this life changing and healing services. See links below:


Join Zoom Meeting 
If you call in the number is 646 558 8656
The meeting ID number is 851 8378 9909
Thank you!
  Much Love and Gratitude!


March 2023