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Spiritual Psychic Development and The Path of Inner transformation meets Wednesday at 7pm, Online Message Service are on Fridays at 6pm and sunday online gathering service - sundays at 3:30pm

About The Sacred Light Fellowship

We come together as The Sacred Light Fellowship to spread the consciousness and experience of Heaven on earth.The Love, Grace and Power of God that pervades and embraces all of creation is within and around us. As we access this Light through meditation and prayer we use it to transform the consciousness, energy and patterning within that creates pain, suffering, struggle and lack. Through opening the channel within us, we have direct access to The Spirit of God and The Angelic Realms who guide us on this path of inner transformation. “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”

 The Sacred Light Fellowship is a non-profit metaphysical organization in New York City. We were founded in the year 2000 by Rev.’s George Brooks, Daniel Neusom and Lynn Skreczo -Van Riper. The Rev. Daniel Neusom is our current Spiritual Director.  

Our spiritual community brings together people from diverse backgrounds, drawing on various spiritual teachings and traditions including The Course in Miracles.  Each week we come together to connect with and bring forth the Light of God that all of us have within and use this Light to heal and transform ourselves and the world around us.  We believe and know that every person has direct access to the Holy Spirit of God and the angelic realms.  Through meditation and inner listening each of us can learn to open to guidance from the Holy Spirit within and our angelic guides, as we progress toward fulfillment of our soul’s purpose on earth. 
The Sacred Light Fellowship is dedicated to the elimination of suffering from the experience of people on earth who are ready for that experience. We are a forum for the healing and health of the soul. We are a forum to help open people to the consciousness and experience of Heaven, which then produces Heaven on earth. Heaven on earth is the true will of God.

 Our regular activities include a Sunday service at 3:30pm. An All Message Service and Transformational Meditation every Friday at 6pm; and on-going class in spiritual psychic development, healing and personal transformation. This class is called Spiritual Psychic Development and The Path of Inner Transformation. This class meets every Wednesday  at 7:00pm.  In the course of the year we also offer special workshops on subjects such as spiritual astrology, overcoming personal obstacles to health and prosperity, and healing of the soul.

 We welcome people from all backgrounds, ethnic and racial groups, and sexual and gender orientations. All of our services and classes are now virtual on Zoom.  The Zoom link for our Sunday and Friday services are posted on the "Programs" page on this website. If you are interested in attending Spiritual Psychic Development and The Path of Inner Transformation on Wednesday at 7pm, please email Rev. Daniel Neusom at danielneusom@yahoo.com or call 347-401-1743.

The Sacred Light Fellowship

340 Haven Ave.  5G

New York, NY 10033

Rev. Daniel Neusom